Scanomat Top Brewer

industrial design

Danish coffee machine manufacturer, Scanomat, have produced this incredibly minimal and innovative coffee brewer - Top Brewer. The beautifully simple stainless steel tap is designed to be built in any tabletop, fitting elegantly in its surroundings.

Its foamer is installed at the very tip of the coffee tap. Fresh milk is heated on demand and foamed to the correct texture. The Top Brewer provides chilled drinking water, cold milk, and hot water for tea. Conveniently, it is also self-cleaning.

Perhaps most interesting is the connectivity the Top Brewer has with the iPhone and iPad via Scanomat's app. The app gives you full control of the machine, allowing you to choose from the available drinks as well as pre-programming your personal favourite.

I think we're going to hear a lot more about this in the future.

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