Hailing from Kiev is an outstanding exercise of practicality and visual lightness from architect Emil Dervish. Making the most out of 64sqm for his client, this urban dwelling manages to pack visual impact with handpicked design and brings out a sense of amplitude to a compact dwelling.

RiverS is a project unambiguously minimalist, especially as celebration of geometry and for its penchant for simple compositions throughout all ambients. The heart of the house is a mix of living room, kitchen and study; all perfectly aligned and fitted with the necessary furniture and purposes. There was no need to dial it down. Surprisingly enough, this isn’t a case of hidden furniture, all elements are obvious and on sight.

An interesting visual trick and solution was applied throughout the apartment, to great effect incidentally. The lighting project positions an echo-like repetition of nimble lamps on the ceiling, resulting in an unexpected element for embellishment and function. It managed to imprint personality, without overwhelming or breaking visual harmony.

This is minimalism as a double threat: smart solutions and remarkable aesthetics. To achieve amplitude and a striking interior design is a rare beast to witness nowadays. Вітаю!

Photography courtesy by Emil Dervish.

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