NS Residence

Boulder, Colorado, USA
Interior Design
Michelle Wentworth

Where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains of Colorado, the city of Boulder sits in stillness under a majestic blue sky. The essence of nature in this region is poetically brought into the interior of NS Residence, designed by Michelle Wentworth.

Washed over with a sandy palette, the consistency in organic textures from concrete, lime plaster, and microcement forms an inner landscape with captivating motifs from the outside surroundings. Occasional indentation occurs where one plane intersects with another, housing horizontal strips of dilute light. They intensify the off-white facades and, at the same time, channel an intimate atmosphere.

The open plan of this project connects a series of public programmes to the private quarters in horizontal progress. This uninterrupted flow is lined with full-height windows to bring in an abundant amount of natural light. Through them, an elongated courtyard with high walls shields the interior transparency, allowing for freedom of personal activities throughout the residence.

A small vertical strip of glass gives a glimpse of the front yard’s vegetation. It creates an invisible barrier that separates zoning functions, which are also distinguished by furniture placement. Their low composure further expands the optical view, with partitions replaced by the contractions and expansions of circulation paths.

By the fireplace, a sofa with coarse wool rests like a living creature. It breathes life into the corners of residence’s starkness. Accents of pale Ash timber geometrically mirrors the cubic space, elegantly adding a gentle softness. Balancing the contrast of materials and spatial divisions, Michelle Wentworth sensually conveyed luxury within a minimal environment.

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