Scent Tray

industrial design

Vancouver-based design studio Lukas Peet Design has launched the minimalist Scent Tray. Comprised of DMLS Steel, the object is designed to function as an incense burner as well as an ashtray. Created by using 3D printing technology, Peet challenged himself to design a seemingly simple yet refined and poetic object that would do justice to this remarkable technology.

The Scent Tray features an elegant black dish to capture the falling ash which shows how a small-form design object can be multifunctional as well. As the ash is collected, and the incense (or other smoking objects) burns through, the ash can easily be hidden by tilting the tray slightly and tapping the ash into the voluminous cavity that occupies half of the tray, while also giving stability when placed. Peet explains:

It is an object that subtilely attracts your attention with the mesmerising upward elegance of the smoke to the abrupt downward departure of the ash and the interaction of hiding the remains, while looking different from every angle.
The Scent Tray is a wonderful example of how well 3D printing technology can be used for everyday homewares. Not only does it function well, it is unobtrusive, aesthetic, and elegant.

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