Service Building Kreuzbergpass

Sesto, South Tyrol, Italy
Robert Rau, Margit Haider
Gustav Willeit

The Kreuzbergpass, which at 1,636m above sea level and the easternmost gateway to the nature park, is an important starting point for numerous hiking tours and other leisure activities in the mountains of Sesto, South Tyrol. The main purpose of the new building is to accommodate various service functions, such as providing information about the hiking trail network, alpine huts, nature and UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the same time, the building also offers protection from rain and snow.

Designed by Italian architects Pedevilla, the building is in the form of a mountain peak. The steep and high gable roof, which stands across the road, strengthens visibility from afar, making the new building an important landmark. The low canopy reduces the external appearance when getting closer and underlines the function as a service building. It looks inviting and pleasantly protective.

The outer shell is made of white exposed concrete from local dolomite rock. The inner core was designed as a wooden building in hand-crafted larch wood. Elements made of amber-coloured, solid glass combine the two materials of concrete and wood. In their appearance, they recall the tree resin of the larch (and maybe even pizza slices). The combination of materials and the craftsmanship also convey the feeling of security.

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