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Max Voytenko
Dmytro Kozinenko
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The sigga collection of upholstered furniture, officially launched during Ukrainian Design and Innovation Week at Kyiv's Mystetskyi Arsenal, and the paper coffee tables, first showcased at Maison&Objet 2024, have become key products for kint's spring/summer season.

Designed by Max Voytenko, kint's Creative Director, the sigga modular furniture includes sofas and armchairs in various configurations. These pieces, featuring contemporary, minimalist designs and rounded shapes, can be customised for different sizes and module combinations, making them suitable for both home and commercial spaces. The collection currently consists of six items with more pieces to come.

The paper series of coffee tables, designed by renowned Ukrainian object designer Dmytro Kozinenko, includes two pieces—the large 'paper m' coffee table and the smaller 'paper s' table—crafted from brushed stainless steel.

The paper series features an attractive and concise design, seamlessly fitting into modern interiors. Kozinenko's minimalist design philosophy focuses on a visual interplay of planes and space, creating an effect of weightlessness, as if the tables were cut out of paper. Both models are available in various colours and stainless steel, offering versatility for any decor.

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