Moliner House by Alberto Campo Baeza

Spanish architect and educator, Alberto Campo Baeza doesn’t own a car or a cell phone. Interesting choice — but how could I live like that? “Más con menos” (more with less) symbolizes Alberto Campo Baeza's architectural principle.

The Moliner House in Zaragoza, Spain is comprised of three levels, a library for dreaming at the top, a garden for living in the middle and a space for sleeping at the bottom. The concept is so poetic and Alberto’s logic is convincing. “Without an IDEA, Architecture would be pointless, only empty form…” Alberto explains.

Dazzling whiteness and translucent glass walls that reflect light in all its manifestations. Does the space feel too abstract? Some people like to live with a precise number of elements and a lot of emotions. Could it be that simple geometry should follow a passionate way of being?

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