Takanawa House


The Takanawa House is a simple concrete form nestled in a busy Tokyo neighborhood. Designed by Hiroyuki Ito of O.F.D.A., the strong exterior of this three-story structure hides an intelligent interior layout. The house is split distinctly in half by a central glazed staircase. The staircase connects the two halves with cantilevered concrete landings. The interior rooms are painted an airy white, and strategically placed courtyards ensure the home receives plenty of natural light.

From the outside, the Takanawa House seems like a straightforward design. The thoughtful, playful interior is a secret world hidden within the exterior concrete box. I love the layout of this space: it is both simple and complex, open and protected, light and dark. Much like the staircase that connects the interior forms, each element of this home is connected through a thread of perfectly executed design.

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