Süd Polaire

graphic design

Süd Polaire’s beautiful and minimal beverage collection echoes the label’s proximity to the southern polar region. Their ethos is clearly identified as being inspired by the almost unknown, unpredictable nature of Antarctica, where the ice, its hidden heartbeat and the dryness of the landscape makes one feel like they are at the edge of the world. Located in Tasmania, in such proximity to the southern arctic region has been a direct inspiration for their processes and methods utilised in distilling. Süd Polaire is a micro-batch distillery, that is bottled by hand, and reflects the region and its geographical foothold.

The minimal branding and packaging of these bottles aids in further reinforcing the brand’s clarity and transparency to their connection to their roots. The affect of the mountains, the mist, the cloud forest, and the connection to the coldest, driest, and windiest place of earth, the brand is a response to that. Designed by Louise Radman, distiller and designer of Süd Polaire, she also heads her own creative company, Radpublic. With roots in winemaking in Adelaide, she is now situated in Hobart, Tasmania where the brand is located.

There’s a certain curiosity in the solo expeditions of the Antarctic region, where the journey itself can determines one’s fate. Süd Polaire and its handsomely minimal branding speaks to this beauty, and to the unknown; both of which are very enticing.

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