The Krane


The Krane project, by Arc Agency is a nod to Copenhagen’s historical shipping and geographical connection to Europe. Conceived between 2015-2017, the project sees a former coal crane given a new birth as a series of immersive spaces (a meeting room, spa, private room and viewing platform over Copenhagen), which can be reserved as a retreat—designed as a hideaway—a place to sit above the skyline of Copenhagen. Purposeful in every way, the absence of artwork throughout the spaces, allows for the users to frame their own vistas as art, and the view itself is a part of the space.

Designed from a minimal and highly disciplined palette, the spaces are split over three levels, with the glassbox meeting room on the lower level, living amenity spaced in the middle floor, and the private retreat at the top of the building. The materials pay homage to the Krane’s coal past, all embracing dark, matte hues. The mix of leather, timber, stone and steel sit handsomely in amongst the industrial area of Nordhavn and have all been curated in a considered and purposeful way by local Danish craftspeople. The result is a subtle and calm haven, floating above the hub that is Copenhagen. The emphasis on calm is clear, with pragmatic and functional elements integrated into walls, to conceal them in amongst the formal qualities of the space.

Arc Agency is also based in Copenhagen, and focus on the use of local and renewable resources, purposefully wanting to leave a lighter footprint through their architecture. The re-purposing of The Krane project is exactly that; emphasising quality and longevity over trends and waste. A beautiful minimal haven, above a conscious and progressive city, The Krane is an attractive place to reflect.

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