BKR Bottles

industrial design

There are surprisingly very few quality water bottles available for minimalists. I’m not particularly interested in cheap, disposable, plastic water bottles. Instead, I’m looking for better design. Design with better consideration for aesthetics, feel and functionality. BKR duo Tal Winter and Kate Cutler were no different and decided to design a coveted beauty essential that will change the way you drink water.

A staple at fashion week, BKR has gained a dedicated following earning its reputation as the beauty must-have. Taking cues from runway trends, the founders release seasonal collections of glass water bottles with soft silicone sleeves that are high-end, limited edition and chemical-free. Inspired by all things glowing and glamorous and by the belief that the objects in your life should be loved, BKR gives a much-needed refresh to the imperative eight glasses of water a day.

Offering a range of colour collections, BKR’s monochrome and pastel colours are undeniably beautiful. They also come in three sizes: 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre, where bigger is just sometimes better.

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