graphic design

Tulura is a New Yorker brainchild of former model Eileen Feighny. After having to halt her modelling career due to serious skin problems, Eileen decided to develop a series of personal products, based on her experience in South Korea and Hawaii. The most unique aspect to these newcomers is that they are seasonal and made accordingly for every skin type.

Collaborating with UK-based Build Studio, who specialise in graphic projects, Tulura’s branding identity is a minimal work of imperfections. Studying the logotype, there are many instances that can be mistaken for carelessness in design, such as the inconsistent weight of the R. However, these moments create a connection with the brand’s concept—being artisanal and handcrafted. By manipulating forms digitally, Build was able to put forth a sophisticated rawness that’s rarely seen in contemporary designs.

For Spring/Summer 2017, Tulura released two products: Vitamin Peptide Serum and Botanical Facial Oil. Both of the bottles inherit clean aesthetics from a sans-serif typeface and the notable logotype. Printed on a cubic-shaped bottle complimented with white dropper, The Duo’s appearance is pure and elegant much like the ingredients that it holds.

I thoroughly enjoy the strange type treatment to Tulura’s identity. While it’s simple and arguably crude, it is very considerate of Eileen’s goal and purpose for her products. There is no need for over-designed graphics; it is strangeness and imperfections that we find most memorable.

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