Tilta Lamp

industrial design

The Tilta Lamp is a charming light fixture designed by Scoope Design. As the name suggests, Tilta Lamp can tilt back and forth on its concrete base. The concrete is molded so as to allow the lamp to rotate at almost 360 degrees. The metal piece at the top of the lamp acts as a handle for which to move the light, and gravity does the rest of the work! Tilt it left, tilt it right, tilt it any way you like!

This lamp is just so fun! Light fixtures are rarely this exciting! Most lamps just go on or off, but Tilta Light allows the user a whole new way to interact with lamps. The lamp's range of motion is not just for fun, it is functional in that it allows the user an easy way to direct artificial light. The lamp is available as either a floor lamp or reading lamp. I am personally a huge fan of the smaller reading lamp: I know I would be wobbling it back and forth on my desk all day!

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