Tiny Armour


Angi Glenn-Quincy’s alias Tiny Armour brings handmade beautiful jewelry to the masses. Available through Moorea Seal Store, the collection of short, long and varied finish arc earrings is a curation of beautiful minimalist classic lines. The pieces are notably pliable and require an interaction with the wearer, to customize their fit. This encouraged engagement with the pieces, I think makes these pieces even more beautiful.

Moorea Seal prides themselves on highlighting emerging handmade artists work, and through their web of networks, make these accessible. Located in Seattle, there is an emphasis on capturing the adventuresome spirit of the great Pacific Northwest, and the beautiful balance of the sleek, chic metropolitan city surrounded by fresh and rustic nature. With 7% of all proceeds from the store being allocated to non-profit organizations, there is a genuine humility in their Do Good, Do Great attitude that they employ.

Photography courtesy of Margaret Jacobsen.

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