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When it comes to food storage, we all know the struggle of maintaining order in our cabinets and drawers. Caraway, a brand that's all about thoughtful design, set out to tackle this common challenge. To bring this vision to life, they partnered with Box Clever, a San Francisco-based design studio led by Bret Recor.

Understanding the entire food storage experience cycle was crucial for Box Clever. They needed to figure out how people store and put things away, and then find a creative approach to create order from the chaos.

The result of their strategic thinking is a modular system that simplifies the way we store, transport, and display our food. The key to their success? Purpose-driven sizing and a shift from pure ceramic vessels to beautifully ceramic-coated glass products. This transformation not only enhances the aesthetic but also the functionality of Caraway's food storage containers.

The system approach enables you to smartly organise different food types for various occasions. Small containers fit snugly inside larger vessels, which are ceramic-coated and non-stick, making the overall experience top-notch.

The collaboration between Caraway and Box Clever has opened up new opportunities for Caraway to expand its business and showcase their brand's unique, experience-driven, modern design approach. It's more than just food storage; it's a lifestyle enhancement, where form meets function in perfect harmony.

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