Whyd Speaker

industrial design

Quoting Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci in a product’s design history is an ambitious statement, especially when referring to modern sound devices. But still, the team of Whyd did exactly that. And they chose the right quotes to make us understand why.

Quality is not an act. It is a habit. — Aristotle

Although I haven’t had the chance to test the sound of the Whyd speaker yet, the ideas coming together in this product are more than compelling. The design is really minimalist. The spherical speaker is stretched upright as to give it a touch of human presence. The resultant ovoid is covered in a three-dimensional knitted envelope that gives it a soft appearance while enhancing the sound by making it spread perfectly.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. — Leonardo da Vinci

The speaker can be controlled by voice, touch or via mobile music apps. So its assets are accessible really easily and — importantly to the Whyd makers — in an instant, human manner. For them it’s not only about the design being pure, but also about the handling being as simple as possible. Also, they offer a nice pre-order discount. If you choose to buy a Whyd, be sure to let us know about the sound!

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