Wohnhaus Vordemwald

Vordemwald, Switzerland
Gautschi Lenzin Schenker
Andreas Graber

Designed by Swiss architects Gautschi Lenzin Schenker, this detached property in Vordemwald, which includes a house built in the 1970s is situated on a slope with a beautiful view of the village. The original house was not worth preserving and was therefore demolished except for the basement. After upgrading the ceiling of the basement, a new living space was built on top of it using prefabricated timber elements. The floor plan lies congruently above the basement, which results in structurally simple transitions between old and new.

The entire living area (admittedly unfurnished) is slightly elevated above garden level, which creates a pleasant and light feeling of space. The bedrooms, bathrooms, and the existing offset on the facade facing the valley, together with the three-part sections entrance/living/dining, generate a flowing room.

The dining room with its extra height is a central area for the family life. The view of the village is underlined through a long fixed glazing in the living room, which stands out as the protagonist of this home. The window sill underneath it can be used as a bench and storage space. In the dining room the showcase-like lift-and-slide window merges the interior with the exterior.

The tight budget was considered by dispensing of anything unnecessary, which resulted in untreated and natural surfaces. The new building consists of only three materials: fir wood, concrete, and chrome steel. This type of construction supports the client’s desire for a raw, studio-like house.

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