XS Residence

Barcelona, Spain
A Studio

It's always interesting to discover new design practices, especially those with a minimalist approach to their work. And as minimalism is by no means a new concept, seeing how a design team can bring a fresh perspective to this space and challenging the principle and its aesthetic is compelling. One such practice is Barcelona-based, A Studio. Principally focused on interior design, A Studio is driven by the lightness of simplicity and the idea of owning and showcasing less.

XS is a 40 square metre private residence in Barcelona, with an intimate and peaceful monochromatic atmosphere. The project aimed to integrate all the elements possible to improve an ordered and organised feeling in every corner while instilling a softness and warmth to the space. The white colour palette and a small curation of objects were selected to give the home a consistently calm ambience.

Despite its reduced dimensions, the materiality was selected to enhance the continuity of the space. The versatile use of concrete allowed us to apply the material in flooring, walls, and customised furniture pieces.

The distribution is proportionally related to the function of each area and how the owners were thinking to use their home. The first space responsible for welcoming those to the apartment is the kitchen, which practically goes unnoticed when not in use.

The living room area was created as the central space of this home. A large dominating corner sofa that opens itself to the entire residence becomes the staple piece of this interior. Lacquered MDF Panels were used to integrate elements as if they were part of the walls, like the TV screen, storage furniture, and even an invisible door or the curtain screen.

This tiny residence has a beautiful continuity and harmony that allows it to feel more substantial than its dimensions might suggest. This is minimalism executed superbly.

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