Located on the northern part of the West-Flemish village of Westourer is a lonesome dwelling in the middle of a meadow. The eye-catching CASWES House is the creation of Belgium-based TOOP Architectuur, a duo with a strong penchant to embed a minimalist sensibility throughout. The project in hand blends great focus on geometry and a prerogative to showcase the surrounding landscape with ease.

The single-story volume stands proudly, as the geometric façade offers a striking modernist tone to the bucolic atmosphere around it. The intrusion of a contemporary aesthetic brings forth a straightforward form factor, since CASWES shows all its card in one play. There is no hidden agenda, it is a cube-like home where all its elements are uncovered in a glance. It is elegant in its unpretentiousness.

Vertical grey wood, patterned concrete, mimicking the same upright visual and dark anodised windows all share the responsibility to create the outer shell. All the while maintaining surprising cohesion throughout. Each side of the residence aims for different purposes, as the social area encapsulates amplitude for movement and ample windows; the private area dares to divide into smaller rooms, and doing its best to maintain the strong prerogative of celebrating the outer scenery.

The minimalist sensibility brings forth a unifying sense to this rural residence. The visual lightness introduced from the outside is replicated on the inside through gentle interior design and breadth. As expected, the Belgian signature remains the mixture of cosmopolitan touches with absolute cohesion.

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