Tangent GC Hand Cream

package design

The touch is the closest feeling which we can get. It describes to us more than any sound we could hear. Package design is a way for our eyes to see the concept, building anticipation of what's inside. It keeps us interested as we ask ourselves what is to be unveiled. The Tangent GC hand cream—designed by the company Carl Nas Associates—is truly remarkable.

CNA explains to us that certain elements of the design were kept, such as the iconic white labels—used in the previous designs—but this time they were printed directly on raw glossy aluminium. The white and the raw glossy colour palette marry incredibly well together giving the brand a distinguished identity. It's important to know that the glossy aluminium tube is fully recyclable and the white label was printed on aluminium instead of using a paper stock.

The design truly embodies Tangent GC's philosophy in this project; “The art of touch”. It is subtle and minimal. For the launch campaign, the brand commissioned Syd Brak, the internationally acclaimed airbrush artist from the 80’s, to create hyper-realistic sensual hand illustrations.

There's much to admire about CNA's package design here: it's an exemplary representation of the skincare industry with exceptional attention to detail throughout the design.

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