The Classic ISM Backpack


A backpack is an accessory which we carry everywhere with us. It is a tool to carry all our necessities at the same time—from tech gear to gym gear. However, we often compromise minimal aesthetics with practicality. Good design shouldn’t really have to do that. Good design is not about compromise, it is about balance.

This is why we were thrilled to come across The Classic backpack designed by small independent fashion brand, ISM. It is the ideal backpack that balances a casual and professional look. It is made from the highest grade full-grain leather and water-resistant nylon, which will keep your contents safe from the unpredictable weather. It is designed for work, play, and everything in between. We spoke to ISM’s founder Justin Kwong, and he explains the reasoning behind the bag:

I needed something that could simply and safely hold my tech, not dozens of zipper pockets that go unused. Something I’d be proud to carry all day, without it costing a month’s rent. A bag that would keep me light, not drag me down. An everyday carry made with high-quality materials, without being fragile.
ISM bags are made by the same hands as the largest luxury brands so it could bring the same level of quality that other brands charge around 3x more for. A sleek look that's understated, but doesn't compromise on the practical essence of a bag made to carry everyday essentials.

The balance of simplicity and practicality achieved here by Justin is truly admirable. The Classic is luxury quality without the luxury tax. Beautiful work.


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