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The magazine 0.4 is about 40%: the stuff that you can control and implement into your life. Happiness is a conceptual construct we have too long believed is out of our reach: an emotional state of bliss for the lucky, while the rest of us struggle to cope rather than thrive in life. Despite this depressing perception, positive psychology, as well as other science fields, have released evidence-based findings of what makes us happy. Now, it’s time to put that research to use.

The print edition of 0.4 Magazine is a hybrid of a coffee table magazine, happiness guide, and highbrow editorial. The premiere issue focuses on the three main aspects of one’s happiness: the mind, body, and heart. The magazine features exclusive articles, photo editorials, and the luxury of having it all contained in a wonderfully tactile printed piece.

If you are a magazine collector, don’t miss the preorders—only 100 copies will be printed.

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