Casa JM


In the world of architecture we often focus on beauty: beautiful settings and beautiful structures. But excellence in architecture is not simply about aesthetics—how a building serves its occupants is equally as important. As followers of minimalist design, of course, we know this well. When you reduce a structure to its core elements you must, by nature, deftly balance form and function. In a home design, this balance must not only meet the needs of the occupants today, but be flexible enough to serve its residents years into the future, even when their needs may shift. MADE Studio considered these factors and more in their lovely design of Casa JM.

Casa JM is a private residence located in Valencia, Spain. Valencia is one of those unique regions of the world where the scenery is only rivalled by the built environment. Time and time again we come across stunning designs from this part of the world, and Casa JM is no exception. The dwelling was designed by MADE Studio, also of Valencia. The multidisciplinary design firm stolidly believes in what they call human and sensible architecture. In other words, architecture that is made to be inhabited. Casa JM responds to the needs of the client with a two-storey dwelling that prioritises flexible space.

On approaching Casa JM one is met with an unassuming white building of indeterminate scale: not too small, not too big. The bright facade sits in stark contrast to the arid red soil of the region, while the almost-always blue sky sets a perfect backdrop. The rectilinear form has select openings for windows, but not too many as to keep the interior efficient against the bright sun. Attached trellises add dimension to the facade while providing necessary shade for the terraces below. The entrance to Casa JM is set along an outdoor corridor, an interesting choice that seems to value privacy and a moment of transition before one enters the residence. A drop of greenery adds an inviting touch while drawing a relationship to the canopy of trees behind the home.

The interior feels as bright and airy as the exterior, even incorporating a mid-tone wood that feels awfully similar to the reddish soil outside. The rooms are smartly arranged: full demising walls separate the kitchen, living room, and corridors. The interior layout feels very comfortable, and we could easily see a couple or family forming an easy home here. White pendant lighting and accents of black furniture polish off the space nicely. Pops of greenery add welcome bursts of colour here and there.

Casa JM is a gorgeous combination of beautiful design meets practical living. It is a home that will surely be enjoyed for years to come.

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