With the comeback of terrazzo, designers have implemented the material into spaces that communicate a certain feeling of contemporary, cleanliness, and playfulness. However, for LUKSTUDIO to create a futuristic aesthetic for LePur yoghurt cafe in Beijing, it was a surprising and exciting perspective on the trendy material.

Through the decision of using a monochromatic palette and rectangular geometry, the designers were able to strip the space down to its essential qualities: sharp, direct, and minimal. The accents of only dark-wooden furnishes are complemented with mirrors to create an illusion of endless repetition. Here, vertical lighting strips are incorporated with modular-looking seating spaces, invoking a modern essence to each designated gathering point. The clever use of white surfaces to guide circulation helps blur the boundaries between exterior and interior. One can then see the functional intention of appearance. Altogether, the seamlessness of spatial design sets LePur apart from the monotonous façade of the main building while being modest about the aesthetic contrast.

The transformation of a low-ceiling site into a spacious interior is the power that LUKSTUDIO has given to LePur. By navigating through challenges and viewing them as opportunities to experiment with materials and giving attention to design methodologies, LUKSTUDIO were able to create a conversation between the designers, the clients, and the target audience.

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