F Residence


Located in Hyōgo, a Japanese prefecture in the Kansai region, a stone-based volume stands amongst the famous cherry blossoms. F Residence, designed by GOSIZE, is an eye-catching exercise in contemporary brutalism; all the while offering a distinctive Japanese aesthetic.

Stark geometry reigns supreme throughout the dwelling, as all the rooms play with expectations of what is indoor and outdoor living. Glass is abundantly adopted throughout every area in various window formats, eventually leading to a gorgeous floor to ceiling panel. The end result is a mix of nimble intrusions of light at one end of the spectrum, and an enormous framed view of the outside at the other. The main room is blessed with a truly unique element to those standing inside in the living room/kitchen, and it an inescapable visual feature from the outer shell to those observing from the street as well.

Skylights were added in various parts of the dwelling, each one with its unique format and purpose. From ample shafts in private courtyard  to a nimble opening in the bathroom. Each room offers a new surprise, making for a dynamic promenade from one ambient to the next. Tranquility is stilled through Japanese gardens and gentle lighting throughout. It is a balancing act between visual experimentation and calm inducing features.

F Residence is a special project not only for its bold minimalist programme and gorgeous use of concrete, but also because it is the residence and office of its architect. In his own words:

It is my hope that this residence and office will serve as a place to reconnect with the nature-based wisdom and spiritual culture our ancestors have passed down to us, as well to quietly reexamine my own life.

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