Grand-PIC Chalet


The stunning Grand-PIC Chalet was designed by Appareil Architecture, a Montréal-based firm with a flair for fantastically minimal architecture and interior design. The practice frequently draws inspiration from nature—particularly the gorgeous northern terrain of Canada. The design of Grand-PIC Chalet was approached with a similar philosophy. One of the driving forces of the design was the symbiotic relationship between a home and its natural habitat.

At the edge of a vast and beautiful forest, the chalet’s site is nothing short of inspiring. Drawing from this environment, Appareil Architecture created a series of connected buildings that share a small, A-frame structure. The façades are outfitted in a black metal which highlights the colours of the surrounding area. Connected by simple wood decks, the home never feels obstructive. It is always supporting its site in the woods, rather than the other way around.

The interior further reinforces Grand-PIC Chalet’s connection with nature. The walls are clad in a light wood and accents in a black metal, like the façade, abound. The kitchen, a particular favourite part of the home, highlights the A-frame structure with towering vertical white wood boards and window-like cutouts that provide a peek to the structure behind. Below, white cabinets, clean white countertops, and contrasting black fixtures are the definition of modern simplicity.

Throughout the home, black-trimmed windows offer glimpses of the outside world. Trees, snow, sky—whatever the condition is of this idyllic site, it is felt, and embraced throughout this beautiful chalet.

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