Juun.J Flagship Store


The Juun.J Flagship Store in South Korea is a stunning retail experience designed by the comprehensive architecture firm WGNB. The architects combined Juun.J’s signature brand details with traditional Eastern architecture to form a minimalist structure that feels both rooted in place and undoubtedly modern.

The form of the store’s building draws from traditional Eastern home design; the extra large roof sets the tone for all that sits beneath its canopy. WGNB takes this structure to its most dramatic form, creating a series of connected shapes that vary from organic to ultra geometric. In the centre of the building sits a courtyard, another nod to a traditional Eastern dwelling. The perfectly manicured garden is visible to the store’s guests through select windows and skylights in the exterior.

While the store is designed around the brand’s signature black colour, black is a tricky tone to use for interiors. WGNB addressed this challenge by designing the space in various shades of dark tones. With the exception of the section for women’s wear, which is set against a pure white backdrop, the entire store embraces a spectrum of darkness. Illumination on the interior comes from skylights set in the ceiling. The natural light brightens the space and casts shadows throughout, further deepening the intrigue within the store.

The unique structure and signature interiors combine to form a memorable experience for Juun.J’s customers. The Juun.J Flagship Store is much greater than a retail experience, it is a symbol for all the brand seeks to represent.

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