Mistake Trays

industrial design

Details play an essential role in our home ambience. With just enough aesthetic details, you can make your home interior feel distinctive, comfortable, and welcoming.

The ‘Mistake’ trays, created by Milan-based design house Sandro Lopez, is the latest collection of sculptural home accessories that explores the theme of accidents and imperfection. Each tray is made of two halves that appear to be matched incorrectly. The seemingly mistaken pairing of the two parts creates a shape that unlike a typical dish remains open and reveals the object’s section; a feature that would normally be invisible.

Conversely, what is considered to be a mistake has the potential to reveal new possibilities that can break the order of things and become the ingredient for creating something new. This has been the theme behind the Mistake trays collection, where the ‘misplacing’ and ‘mismatching’ of shapes has resulted in a series of novel objects.

There are three variations of the tray. In each case, the pairing demonstrates a different relational possibility between half circles. The trays are made in natural marble that is initially shaped, then cut and glued back together in the new ways.

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