Pump Table Lamp

industrial design

There’s more to minimalist interior design than meets the eye. Quality fixtures, such as precise and well-made light fittings, are an impressive way to decorate without cluttering. It can become a great accent piece that accurately represents your lifestyle and taste.

The Pump table lamp was designed by KUTARQ Studio for the furniture design brand Woud.

A simple yet attractive design allows the Pump lamp to become a statement of ambiance. The whole design was inspired by hot air balloons and the idea of a luminaire lifting off the ground. The main effect of the balloon is the effect of it floating in the air.

The light tubular steel structure symbolises the propellant of a rocket, accentuating the effect of levitation of the shade. With its soft opal glass, Pump is ideal for smaller spots and setups where a gentle light is needed. Whether that be on the desk, in a shelving system, or on the window ledge, it can become a beautiful item for your home and work environment.

Light is an essential part of our daily environment and it always needs to suit our needs, relax us, and remain unobtrusive. The soft and elegant shape and the simple representation of a balloon makes this design a wonderful success.

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