Summer Villa in Oia

Yiorgos Kordakis

The ocean sits calmly within a window frame like a picturesque painting in an artist’s studio. The colour of sand and other hues of warm pastels engulf the space, with peeks of the cool blue Mediterranean Sea. The sun shines through geometric slits to cast stripes of lights onto the surface areas of the interior. Occasionally, the breeze enters and brings vast sheets of linen fabrics to a voluminous form. The gentle sounds of the ocean and its wind swing back and forth, sliding into every corner to carry the smell of salt. An ode to calming luxury and a dream-like experience, Summer Villa—an addition to Andronis Arcadia Hotel—is a synthesis of cubist white volumes designed by Kapsimalis Architects.

Andronis Arcadia Hotel is a complex of accommodation based in Oia, Greece. While the inner Santorini benefits from its hilly topography to form a constructed landscape of white domes with raw monolithic facades, the beachside Oia stretches long and wide to hold structures that embrace the panoramic sea view. Here, Summer Villa is an accumulation of white cubic volumes that intersect, settle on one another to produce an open plan along with interstitial walkways that open up to the blue sky. Occasionally, hidden pockets of green space grasp onto the main structure. The sky and flora of the Aegean Sea become parts of the space, pulling and pushing the forces of nature and manmade dwelling in a harmonious rhythm.

As the green grass sways under the sun, the sense of fluctuation brushes against one’s skin. The feel of spatial and elevational difference is ever more apparent with the interior assemblage. Minimal furniture occupies the space with great modesty, casting subtle shadows under the illuminating skylight to hint at the passing time that seems to stop at this retreat. However, the consistency in furnishes only amplifies the complex circulation of Summer Villa; almost like a miniature Santorini that’s more private and intimate.

Inside the bedrooms, natural materials like stone and wood add a slight warmth. Here and there, geometric shapes are superimposed onto blocks of white ceramic like charming decorative elements—playfully elegant. Woven baskets and draping fabrics add a textural layer to the space. Navigating through the rooms, the sun lights up the interior with its infrequent spots. A diary of movements, these instances trace a certain softness and tranquility that’s clearly present.

Imagine walking your feet in the bronzing sun, passing by olive trees and fields of grass to be immersed in the Mediterranean water. Dip then raise your head to encounter a beautiful physical mirage. Open your eyes, stretch your arms, breath in the breeze of peacefulness through the Summer Villa of Andronis Arcadia Hotel.

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