BLT Collection


By experimenting and developing new ways of constructing design objects, FILD, the Ukrainian design duo of Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Vakhrameyeva, challenged themselves to create a collection of furniture and lighting products with a common yet distinctive feature.

BLT—derived from the word “belt”—is a new textile pendant and largely decorative component, although not always without function. It’s a primal design element used in a variety of products, such as lighting, furniture, and decor. The branded belt is offered in four colours: Ultra Blue, Grey, Coral, and Almond.

The BLT collection aims to emphasise the linearity of geometric shapes. Accordingly, new fittings, mountings, and assembly elements were created alongside the new models. The collection of homewares and furniture currently comprises five pendent lamps, a side table, and a hook. Each piece features geometric forms with soft edges and a simple design. The collection is generally understated with exception to the Ultra Blue, which strikes a bold statement.

Established in 2014 in Kyiv, FILD is built on the principles of clean minimalist lines and shapes of household objects and interior projects. The team bases their perception on design laconism, application convenience, and pleasant textures.

Cofounder and CEO, Kateryna, explains:

For inexplicable reasons, 2020 seems to be a very special year personally for us. Just a few months ago, FILD celebrated its 5th anniversary. It had been a challenging yet rewarding journey of creating something that we were truly passionate about, growing as a brand and as a family. This year marks a new and promising chapter.

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