Boem Knife

Boem Studio

The style and appearance of folding knives has changed considerably over the last century. Traditional circular handles were replaced with flattened handles that had protective covers on either side. The principle reason for this was to make the pocketknife design more compact and practical to carry, but it undoubtedly came at the cost of comfort and usability. So with a nod to the knives of the past, product design studio, Boem, created a contemporary pocket knife design that draws on the principle of minimalism.

The sleek, matte-black form is reminiscent of the earliest folding knives with their typical blade shapes and rounded handles. The push button and Virobloc locking system makes the knife very easy to use even with one hand. These knives are typically very easy to use yet Boem Studio wanted to improve the usability further by adding a button for even easier one-handed operation.

Originally designed back in 2012, a time when minimalism was becoming popularised not just in design, but also as a way of living, Boem Studio wanted to pay tribute to the legendary Opinel knives. In 1890, in a small Savoie village in Maurienne, Joseph Opinel invented the pocket knife that now bears his name. The Opinel company located at Chambéry in the heart of the Alps, is still run by the descendants of Joseph Opinel and manufactures items whose quality has made the brand famous for nearly 130 years. The collection contains knives and pocket tools for DIY, sport, outdoors activities, gardening, as well as kitchen knives and table knives.

The Boem knife is a beautiful and contemporary nod to the history of the humble pocket knife.

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