Kollektion Witulla

Jennifer Witulla, Natalie Witulla

Kollektion Witulla is a design studio made up of two twin sisters, Jennifer and Natalie Witulla, based in Berlin. They present a collection of everyday use objects with a strong personality. Simple forms inspired by graphic lines seem to feature concept design characterised by a minimalist approach.

They use cold materials such as metal, glass, and stone in order to create long-lasting and timeless objects. Objects with smooth surfaces, sharp contours, and attention to detail. The sense of aesthetics as well as the tendency towards reduced designs leads to striking and at the same time simple products.

There are several designs that we particularly enjoy:

This collection represents products of Kollektion Witulla that fit well together for an interior concept. Various spaces can be equipped with the selected products to show an interior that plays with linear lines and soft curves.

A contrast of delicately folded metal sheet and voluminous steel pipe with soft curves is characteristic of all furniture. All furniture pieces are characterized by minimalistic and edgy shapes that appear contemporary and unisex. Solid colours in shades of anthracite and beige grey are the prefered colour range.

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