Harlosh Black House

Isle of Skye, Scotland
Dualchas Architects
Richard Gaston

On the Isle of Skye’s rugged and beautiful west coast of Scotland, Harlosh Black House is positioned and designed to both withstand the weather and embrace the stunning landscape, so you can immerse yourself in both. Surrounded by an open croft and overlooking Loch Bracadale, this architectural hideaway for two is a soft minimalist space that’s private, contemporary, and luxurious.

It will come as no surprise that a geometric all-black architectural facade is something we are often drawn to. Harlosh Black House is an exemplary architecture of restraint. Simple and linear in form but highly finessed in design, considering the surrounding landscape and the natural light. There is nothing loud about this little black box dwelling. It is quiet and unassuming yet full of confidence through the use of large glass panes.

Designed by Scottish practice, Dualchas Architects, the house features spacious minimalism touched by the warmth of oak. It offers its visitors what some might consider the greatest luxury of all: the room and privacy to rest, recharge, and reconnect with nature—to settle into serenity.

The interior of Harlosh Black House continues the feeling of restraint. It is a subtle design with a neutral colour palette throughout and mixes clean lines with soft furnishings, showcasing both design precision and comfort.

Dualchas is led by brothers Alasdair and Neil Stephen, with heritage and sustainability as core elements of their work—truly sustainable architecture has a connection to the past and the place.

Our architecture responds to the topography, the climate, and the local culture, inspired by its specific location. And this must always be done thinking about the natural environment. How we design to reduce our carbon footprint, protect depleting natural resources, and support long-term ecological balance.

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