Chair No.19

Joshua Jara

Chair No.19 is the result of a prototype experiment by Berlin-based studio YUUE, led by designer Weng Xinyu, to reimagine the construction of a three-legged tubular chair. The central design element is a preciously curved aluminium tube which traces the backrest and the rear legs in a continuous loop. At the same time, the tube connects the seat and front leg in unexpected ways. The hollow backrest and the solid seat, defined by the same contour, is an interplay of positive and negative forms. The asymmetrical leg joints are another rational design decision that creates its own aesthetic, adding to the fun of appreciating this chair from all angles.

The minimal (dining) chair measures L53.5 x W50 x H80 cm and beautifully combines smooth curves with sharp geometric angles effortlessly creating a dialogue between strict and organic shapes.

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