Plissé Electric Kettle

Michele De Lucchi
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Channelling the iconic high fashion pleated fabric clothes, the Plissé series of small electrical appliances designed by Michele De Lucchi is produced by Alessi.

Echos from the world of architecture, design, and fashion are grafted into the details that give shape to the Plissé family, such as the electric kettle, shaped by a pleating reminiscent of a haute couture dress. The kettle combines geometric solids: a cone for the body, a cylinder for the handle, a triangular prism for the spout. The whole is enlivened by the dense pleating wrapped like a fabric around the body, handle, and knob of the kettle: a domestic micro-architecture that represents a meeting point between functional and aesthetic aspects.

Produced in thermoplastic resin in four colour variants (red, gray, white, and matt black), the kettle has been designed with some precautions that facilitate its use and emphasise its versatility: a safety device interrupts the power supply with an insufficient quantity or in the absence of water; moreover, the bottom of the kettle, thermally insulated, allows Plissé to rest without any Practicality of use, on the other hand, is expressed in the ease of opening and closing of the main mouth, in the presence of an internal indicator of the maximum water level and an anti-limescale filter, in the automatic shutdown, and in the rapid release from the retractable power base.

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