Atelier for a Photographer

Aubervilliers, France
geley architecture
Benoit Drouet

In Aubervilliers' craft district, Geley Architecture has created a bespoke atelier for photographers. This multifunctional space, comprising storage and indoor-outdoor photography areas, maximises the available plot and height within regulatory limits.

The building, resembling a black box, opens up through five generous windows, flooding the interior with natural light. This connection bridges the gap between the interior and the vibrant surroundings.

Utilising local materials, particularly a steel hangar, the architects optimised the structure, allowing even more light infiltration. From floor to roof, every space is designed to capture the interplay of light and the urban context, creating a simple and rational architectural backdrop for photography.

The atelier is a celebration of minimalist design, where light and the cityscape merge to enhance the art of photography. It's a space that empowers creativity while respecting environmental considerations, and stands as a true gem in the heart of the commune's craft district.

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