House in Bungotakada

Bungotakada, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Yabashi Architects
Toru Yabashi, Shinji Nakano
Tetsuya Yashiro

Nestled in a quiet residential area in the city of Bungotakada in Oita, sits a minimalist dwelling designed by Yabashi Architects. If you look at the distant view, you can see the beautiful scenery of the ridgeline of Mt. Rokugomanzan on the southeast side. Yabashi aimed to create a landscape element that affects the architecture and the mountains in the distance that are continuous with the atmosphere of the residential area.

The client's request was a house with various places to stay, and a comfortable living environment where the wind blows through. Therefore, instead of separating the rooms with walls, the architects proposed an open-plan, one-room space that is connected by the idea of ​​using the steps of the floor to take over the role of the walls.

A large roof with a 10-inch slope creates a large air volume and is divided by two floors of different heights. Inside the house, there is a cylindrical living room where the line of sight can be seen, a small-scale space like an attic, a place where you want to sit like an embankment, and outside the house, a semi-external dirt space like the precincts of a temple is created.

I was able to create a variety of spaces with a lot of character. It is also a large area for families to connect circularly with air and light, and a collection of small spaces for individuals. The large roof responds to Mt. Rokugomanzan in the background, and is built in this residential area as an integrated landscape.

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