TMA-2 Modular

graphic design

Sequels impose an interesting challenge, as the success of the previous generation may cast a long shadow on the new effort; thus hindering the process to bring something new to the table. Danish audio design company AIAIAI, cleverly averted this problem however. The timeless design of the headphones remain, with its capsule design and stark black as the main route.

This time around, TMA-2 comes back with a customised vengeance, not afraid to let the user do its own bidding as to how they want their high-fidelity experience. The headband, the speaker units, ear pads and the cable can all be handpicked from an array of options. As the design for each one varies, it is important to note the strong minimalist distinctiveness is present in all pieces — even the colourful cables, the sole idiosyncratic item breaking away from monochromatic reduction.

AIAIAI's branding and packaging, designed in collaboration with Kilo, is a feature in itself, when a minimal but playful attitude takes over, guiding the user through simple typography directions. The modular packaging is an extension of TMA-2 customisation, a visual simplification of a complex process. As each combinations alters the experience comprehensively.

The black box is a welcoming introduction, as AIAIAI caters elegant and sleek design in all aspects of their product. A follow-up to a successful series indeed.

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