Villa in Ibiza


Yes I am aware that it is the middle of December and many of you are probably covered in snow... but doesn't a quick trip to Ibiza sound quite tempting? Designed by French architect Pascal Cheikh Djavadi, today's home is calling our name with its minimal structure on the outside and a couple of surprising and elegant curves on the inside. The curves are balancing just right with the rest of the home, somehow making it even more inviting and fitting to its environment. There is a nice sense of both simplicity and personality that is so fresh and inviting. Carefully edited furnishing and neutral color palette with selected hints of color only add to the overall concept.

Whether or not that was the plan of the architect, I love the play of rectangle being showcased in various scale throughout - from windows and doors openings, to fireplace, reading zone, selected seating, enormous bookshelf, and even seen in the design of the pool.

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