Tokyo Marc Jacobs Flagship Store


A backdrop that is as edgy as Marc Jacobs’ clothing line; yet it’s quiet with understated sensibility. Marc Jacobs’ new three-story Tokyo store, designed by New York-based architect, Stephan Jaklitsch is scheduled to open in the fall. The design has already received an Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Architects, New York.

Subtle in the extreme; rigorously designed with an obsession for precision. The façade sets the tone for Marc Jacobs fashion brand with a pared-down modernity of a straightforward structure and a muted palette of gray. Two color-blocked strips sit on top of a glass box which works its magic at night, like a lamp.

Spare simplicity to draw myself in and engage my senses; subtly—notably in the easy-chic. When I enter a store, I want a little Mies van der Rohe.

In the shop