3/30 by Nendo


3/30 is a collection proposed as a corporate branding plan for the company Takara Belmont by Tokyo-based Nendo. The company specialises in hairdressing related appliances and cosmetic products, as well as salon consultation and spatial design. 3/30 refers to the process of dividing hair maintenance into three areas: hair cut, hair colouring, and hair treatment. The premise is to offer a quality service in the reasonable length of 30 minutes, where customers pressed for time can visit the stores with no fuss every 3 weeks, as part of their daily lives.

The space, equipment and cosmetics were all holistically designed to match the new service offering. The first feature is a compact 1.8m2 sized cubicle work unit that enables the beautician to offer a mono-functional service to each customer. The units were designed with a mind to be installed in the corner of hair salons, or inside a train station or shopping mall. Steel frames were used to create a floating sensation and enable the structure to blend in with any type of space — the 19mm steel frames used for the units were employed for the chairs, mirrors, wagons and shelves towards this effect.

For the cosmetic products for hair salons, like shampoo, conditioners and various hair styling items, the idea was to focus on freshness and high quality, so containers were made so they can contain the product volume to be used up to three weeks, encouraging a cycle where customers are encouraged to visit the hair salon once the products were used up. Another light, airy and reductionist proposal by one of minimalism's darling design studios.

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