House with Three Yards


Designed by Miguel Marcelino, the House with Three Yards fully embraces the sunny attributes of its location in Benavente, Portugal. Situated in a gorgeous landscape of oak trees, this home is two stories and features a warm, copper-colored facade. The main features of the home are, as the name suggests, the three yards. Each yard is a different size and shape. The first is an intimate courtyard which embraces a large oak tree. The second is a long patio located on the side of the house. This space features a large horizontal opening which frames the landscape. The third yard is a partially enclosed patio which contains a set of stairs leading to the home's pool.

I was first attracted to the gorgeous exterior color of this home. The copper color fits perfectly with the sandy Portuguese landscape; I love how the sunlight illuminates the facade! The organization of this home is also superb. It is great to see a home which incorporates so much outdoor space in the design! The three yards provide an array of outdoor living options. This home is a perfect design for a family looking to make the most of a beautiful landscape and warm climate!

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