industrial design

The ENVELOPE iPad sleeve is a minimalist creation of the Lisbon based studio Anve. The association with a paper product, also suggested by the name, creates a beautiful contrast with the softness of the material (each ENVELOPE is handmade from fine lambskin with the delicate glove leather lining). Designers describe their process:

Lisbon is full of old little stores still holding stock from ages ago, and they are a huge source of inspiration. The idea for the ENVELOPE collection came in a stationery shop where we bought an old dried out ink pad we actually never could use. After seeing something which stays in your mind - in this case a beautiful old paper envelope - the process of trying out and crafting begins.

The ENVELOPES are produced in small editions and are often unique, depending on the materials used. I love the simplicity of this design and the graceful combination of clear lines and a soft touch.

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