Alvaro Diaz Hernandez’s Linea coffee table and magazine rack is a collection that imbues the strength of the line. All pieces are purposely designed to be used as both sculptural and industrially purposeful functional forms. The pieces are made of powder-coated steel members, welded together to create a series of calculated and rigid forms. The interpretation of Linea is ultimately left up to the user and their intent.

Hailing from a background in interior design, Hernandez is currently studying industrial design in Madrid, Spain where he is specialising in the design of furniture. Mused by the architectural world, photography, art and the work of other industrial designers, he is making his statement on the minimalist design scene as his aesthetic emerges. His emphasis on simplicity, functionality and attention to detail is what will continue to keep him ahead of the pack.

Photography courtesy Alvaro Diaz Hernandez.

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