House in Matosinhos


On a long and narrow plot in Portugal sits House in Matosinhos — a white, modern home that stands out from its neighbours. Wedged between two traditional structures, this residence is designed to add privacy while utilising as much of the small site as possible. The majority of the exterior walls are tightly position against the street or the neighbouring houses, thus ensuring no square footage is lost to wasted space.

Architects divided the two-storey home by function: the ground floor holds all the public spaces; the kitchen, living and dining areas. Upstairs is reserved for private spaces; the bedrooms and bathrooms. Windows are minimal, so as to avoid prying eyes, but the few apertures are thoughtfully placed to maximise natural light. Set against a bright white interior, the home is surprisingly well-lit. The small plot features a walled backyard, nothing extravagant, but enough of a space to connect with nature and tend to potted plants.

While the home is notably different than its neighbours, the architects were careful to keep the scale the same. Therefore the structure does not rise above the others on the street, creating no irregularities in the street development. I love how House in Matosinhos provides a liveable and modern dwelling while respecting the buildings that came before it.

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