Light Cube House


Light Cube House is a live/work space located in Tokyo. Designed by Sampei Junichi of Tokyo architectural office A.L.X., the house features a practical floor plan and simple yet stunning aesthetic gestures.

A clean distinction between public and private spaces is achieved by splitting the functions to different floors. The first floor consists of the office and showroom, displayed widely through double-height windows. The living spaces are situated on the upper floors, where a choicer window placement provides light while maintaining the family's privacy. A cantilevered balcony juts from one side of the home — a dramatic detail that connects the second floor to the outdoors.

Plenty of sunlight flows into Light Cube House from the various windows and skylights throughout. The result is a bright home where the sun's rays and shadows become a part of the decor. All this natural light reflects off the gleaming white walls, while polished chrome fixtures provide a touch of sparkle. Artful furnishings are carefully placed alongside several built-in features. The thoughtful choice of decor enhances the architecture rather then drawing attention away from it.

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