No-No Tables


No-No Tables are the creative meeting of two minimal greats, Norm Architects and Note Design Studio. Inspired by a meeting in Italy, and an old marble floor, these two Scandinavian firms saw potential. The table itself manifests in a number of differing sizes and heights, allowing for collaboration amongst the collection to create vignettes and to allow for use across a number of spaces. Each piece has its own character and tension between the natural pieces of marble laid out in a graphic pattern, echoing the tiled tables of the 1970s in a new and contemporary way, and was the result of a process that saw them play with the idea of micro-furniture, creating something that was in between furniture and accessories.

Copenhagen-based Norm Architects, known for its minimal and well-designed industrial design and furniture pieces, is a master of such understated and obvious solutions to needs within spaces. And together with Stockholm-based Note, their collaboration was a sure win. Note Design Studio’s philosophy is strong; to note something, to get noted: we are named after what we try to achieve, we like to pay attention to our surroundings and try to create things that make others do the same. The No-No Table is a clear testament to that, curated through a beautifully minimal lens. With emphasis on materiality, tonal variation and the composition of variations of the marble mix, these pieces are subtle, but beautiful. The contrasts between the weighted-ness of the stone and the purposefully light powder-coated metal frame, is a dance on perception. Extremely well conceived collaboration; effortless.

Photography courtesy of Note Design Studio.

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