One Piece Knife

industrial design

Johanna Gauder’s One Piece Knife is industrial design done cleanly and beautifully. Made from one piece of stainless steel, from a sheet, folded to form the handle and knife in one seamless sweep. The flowing form isn’t interrupted by an added handle, which uniquely identifies this piece from other market offerings. As a result of the engineered play on torsion and a 1.5mm thick material, there is no need for slits, rivets, edges and transitions.

Gauder is both an industrial designer and jewellery designer and maker. Based in Darmstadt, Germany, her interests extend beyond the fields in which she is considered a maker. Her designs are conceived by developing projects starting from one single thought without limiting myself while using all different tools I’ve learned to work with, Gauder tells us. The resulting One Piece Knife is one beautifully considered and expertly designed slice of minimalism, pun naturally intended.

Photography courtesy of Johanna Gauder.

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