Spacebound is a Melbourne-based Australian label and store focused on creating goods of the highest quality. It’s clear to see by browsing their exceptionally curated store that Spacebound strive to support like-minded brands and companies that share the same vision for quality design and production as they do.

With a strong focus on apparel sharing a casual minimalist aesthetic, there’s an array of stand-out pieces that really caught my eye. For instance, the mid-weight Dark Matter bomber jacket, which, at this time of year, is ideal, and the all black leather zip wallets, featuring a beautiful and subtly embossed logo on the front. For me though, there’s one piece in particular that made me take notice of Spacebound, and that is—perhaps surprisingly—the SO-NY sweatshirt. That design, although not quintessentially minimalist, introduces a bit of nostalgia and takes me back to the seemingly much-loved 90s street fashion era.

There are very few stores that you’ll discover that widely reflect your personal sense of style, but having discovered Spacebound, I have and perhaps now you have too.

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